A Guide to local waste management

The Labin area is working intensively and responsibly on preserving the environment so that we can all enjoy the benefits of a clean and healthy environment.
We want to build and raise awareness of citizens and guests of Labin and municipalities of Labin area about the importance of responsible municipal waste handling, waste prevention, proper household waste separation, household composting, and reusing objects in order to reduce the amount of waste disposed at landfills.
You can find in our guide what to do with different types of waste: GUIDE

Short explanation:

MIXED WASTE: In the green waste container we dispose of only those types of waste that cannot be recycled.

PLASTIC AND CANS COLLECTING: plastic cups and plates (without food remains), bags, drinks and beverage bottles, plastic packaging boxes of food products, plastic packaging of other products, plastic caps, other items made of plastic, beverage cans (aluminum), cans of foodstuffs (iron), small metal articles of metal plugs, aluminum foil 

PAPER: collectable stuff like paper plates and cups unless they contain food remains, cardboard and paper packaging office paper, newspapers and magazines, notebooks and books, boxes
Please, avoid non collectable stuff: dirty and greasy paper and cardboard, greaseproof paper, plastic-coated paper, photos

GLASS: Dispose of glass material into the glass container. All drinks and beverage packaging larger than 0.2 litres with a deposit symbol (sign: “Povratna naknada 50 lp”) can be handed in at a store and you can get a refund in the amount of HRK 0.50 per bottle.

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